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BSM... About You!Hey Everbody... Carmen Grillo here...

In the early 1990's, I was wrapping up my work with "Tower of Power" and wanted to record some great new ideas that were ruminating in my head. Having had the chance to write, record and work with some industry greats like Chicago, Tower of Power, Rita Coolidge, Smokey Robinson, Huey Lewis and the News, Luis Miguel, Bill Champlin, Kenny Rankin, David Garfield, Greg Adams Chicago, Rita Coolidge, Smokey Robinson, Huey Lewis and the News, Luis Miguel, plus a few other major artists, I knew exactly what I wanted in a recording studio for my work.

I scoured the whole LA area looking for the right "vibe" to record my work, and I simply could not find the type of environment I wanted... at any price. Simply, the place I wanted did not exist.

What I wanted was a location that made me feel comfortable, and also a studio that had top notch equipment and ambience to capture the tone and feel I wanted in my work. Like every other working musician, I was willing to pay a fair price for the studio services, and I did not want to feel price gouged. I wanted to know that MY work was important to the Studio owners and operators.

I decided then and there to use the skills I had acquired recording music with others for the benefit of myself and my friends that shared my desire to find the right kind of place to record their work. I founded Big Surprise Music Studios to accomplish those goals. I have been investing in improvements and strategic advancement to this Studio since 1993.

So, I created the vision I sought back then, and now with a lot of work and history - Big Surprise Music has garnered the reputation of being one of the best studios and places to work musically in Los Angeles. If you are interested in recording your music to the highest standards, and you want to know you are valued in the process... give me a call or write me and let's talk. If Big Surprise Music Studio is not right for you, I would be happy to recommend another studio that you may find acceptable. Either way, at Big Surprise Music Studios our attention and best efforts are always about you and your music.

I wouldn't have it any other way...


So call, text or write me already!...

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